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Hudson Standard Bitters

Image of Hudson Standard Bitters
Bitters are a liquid extraction of seeds, herbs, bark, roots, flowers, leaves and fruit of various plants. They are highly concentrated and are used by the dash to flavor cocktails & cooking. Hudson Standard Bitters : Small batch bitters made in Hudson, NY. Working with local farmers.. whenever possible, using ingredients sourced from the Hudson Valley.


LOVE STRUCK: is inspired by an ancient Roman aphrodisiac made from hyssop, thyme, peppercorn and ginger. Intensely aromatic, spicy and hot, this bitters will compliment many a drink. Use sparingly!

GINGER: Its spicy sweetness, heat, woodsy note and persistent aromatics make this exceptional. With a combination of wormwood and gentian root at its base, these bitters add depth to many drinks and add great flavor to soups, sauces and desserts.

each 100ml, glass bottle